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🧮 Packages

Here are more packages from us to extend the functionality of your Discord bot.

create-discordxCreate discordx (discord.ts) apps with one command
discordxCreate a discord bot with TypeScript and Decorators!
@discordx/changelogChangelog generator, written in TypeScript with Node.js
@discordx/diDependency injection service with TSyringe support
@discordx/importerImport solution for ESM and CJS
@discordx/internaldiscordx internal methods, can be used for external projects
@discordx/koaCreate rest api server with Typescript and Decorators
@discordx/lava-playerCreate lava link music player easly
@discordx/lava-queueCreate queue system for lavalink
@discordx/musicCreate discord music player easly
@discordx/paginationAdd pagination to your discord bot
@discordx/socket.ioCreate server with Typescript and Decorators
@discordx/utilitiesCreate own group with @Category and guards